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EMDR Psychotherapy Success Stories

Before starting EMDR therapy with clients I provide education about the therapy and tell them something about the results my clients have experienced.  The examples are often general, such as described in the About EMDR page on this website.  The disturbing image, thoughts and feelings are reduced or are eliminated completely.  And, often more positive beliefs and thoughts about oneself are experienced.  Below, I have provided some examples of my client experiences with EMDR.  I have maintained confidentiality by keeping the examples general and not including identifiable information about clients.

Story 1: A long term client of mine wanted to use EMDR to focus on a recurring nightly dream she had for many years.  After 1 session of EMDR, the dreams stopped! 

Story 2:  A client wanted to use EMDR for a memory of inappropriate touch from childhood.  After a few sessions of EMDR, the chosen image faded and was eliminated, and new neutral images emerged.  Her fear and emotional disturbance were gone, and she could no longer bring up the disturbing image in her mind.  Her thoughts and feelings changed to be non-fear based and more positive because of the new neutral images.  

Story 3:  A client was under the influence of alcohol and possibly drugs when she was assaulted.  When using EMDR, she remembered that someone was there who helped her and she remembered other details that were helpful.   These new memories helped her feel and think differently about the incident.  Her disturbing feelings were reduced because of the new images of the person helping her.  The disturbing image faded.  Her fear was gone which then impacted her personal life positively.

Story 4:  A client had been attacked by her partner who was intoxicated.  After a few sessions of EMDR, her internal experience shifted and she felt empowered.  She had new thoughts about the person who attacked her and what she could do going forward.   

Story 5:  A client had a traumatic health experience which caused her Health Anxiety.  We used EMDR several times to reduce the traumatic symptoms that affected her in her present life.  The disturbing feelings, thoughts and memories were significantly reduced.  She came back for a few more reprocessing sessions some months later because of health triggers that had come up.  

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