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Welcome to my website!

Thank you for visiting my website!  Looking for a therapist is a big step for many people and it is often time consuming and challenging to find someone who is available, whose schedule matches yours, and who is a good match for you.  I recommend using the website to help you on your search.  Use the filters at the top to narrow down your search including your insurance and your issues.  Then email several therapists at a time.  Remember that with online therapy, you can expand your search to all of California.   Check out my profile:

Also know that having a session with a therapist does not mean you are committing to long term therapy.  You can schedule a session then decide if you want to schedule another one, then another one, and so on.

I help clients with a variety of issues such as Depression, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Trauma, Interpersonal issues, Stress and troubling family dynamics.  I also help clients with life changes, Grief and Loss of various kinds (human, animal, work, etc.).

I am trained in various types of approaches including EMDR.  I come from a feminist perspective and am LGBTQ+ affirmative. I have a personal approach, meaning I will share some things about myself if I think they will help a client, within boundaries of a professional relationship.  

Some things about myself:

I am a parent.  I am an animal lover and have always had dogs, cats, or both.  I care about the environment.  I have traveled to various countries and value travel and learning about other countries and cultures. There are things I struggle with, like everyone does, and I understand how hard it is to change, how hard it is to implement healthy  habits and how hard it can be to cope with long term stressors, losses, traumatic events, and relationship challenges.  I embrace Self Compassion, Spirituality, and Mindfulness to cope with life.   I engage in learning on a daily basis to help improve myself and to help me help my clients.  Interest areas of learning are Social Science, Neuroscience/Brain, Psychology, Health and Fitness, and keeping up with Popular culture, Art and news.

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